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Challenge from Hokkaido;
Circular Society & Energy Transition

Flow, Inc. was founded in 2020 by two fellows who have grown up in Hokkaido. Since they shared the same ambition, that they wish to transform energy to clean and sustainable one in Hokkaido,they came to know each other in local NPO and realized their potential of the current business.
They started the business to “build a circular society where natural, human and financial resources flow around in the community and make a wealthy, self-sufficient local life”.
Circular Society&Energy Transition


Initiating flow for our future

We believe that a bright and prosperous future is brought by our effort of nurturing local resources. Since local resources should be the rich source of food, energy and jobs, we connect people, project and energy to initiate the flow to flourish our society. This is our challenge from Hokkaido.


We aim for a new sustainable society

Starting from construction industry, I have been working on energy saving such as airtight heat insulating building. After Fukushima disaster in 2011, it was natural for me to jump into energy industry. During the on-site job experience in saving energy and creating renewables, I realized that this work should be the important first step for a circular society.
Within a global trend forward decarbonization and circular society, I feel Japan is slowly changing its point of view in energy after 2011.

  • Just like choosing a safer food, we choose safer energy.
  • We care energy efficiency as well as design and decollation in our house.
  • Not only consume, but create energy and resource in our society.

In order to initiate a flow to let local citizens to spend everyday life in such a way, we founded our company in April, 2020.
We provide a series of support in energy savings and renewable energy installation to our personal clients, companies and municipalities.
Our Business